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I’ve Got (Bad, Good, and GREAT) News!!

Hey Readers! I’ve been itching to give you guys this news for a while, and now that I’ve been given the go-ahead, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops!! Oh, and it’s not just a little good news…I’ve got GREAT news, too! But, first, I’ll need to do a little housekeeping and tell you…

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Read the First 2 Chapters of SAVING A LEGEND!

Read the First Two Chapters… It’s been a tremendous few weeks leading up to this release, and I’m already floored by the amazing rave reviews on Goodreads. I’m so excited to give you all the first two- YES, TWO!!!- whole chapters of SAVING A LEGEND in this email! So, I’ll keep this short so you can scroll to the…

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March 2015 Newsletter- Big changes!

March 2015 Newsletter This month’s newsletter has exciting information and news! Check out the topics below in the bulleted list, then scroll down further to read more about each! Sarah’s mailing list is moving to a new platform! Sign up to keep receiving emails! The Photographer Trilogy is a TOP 10 BESTSELLER on Barnes & Noble,…

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