✩★✩★ Sarah’s Top Reads of 2014! ★✩★✩

The year is coming to a close and it’s time to give back to other fabulous authors and tell y’all what 10 books, out of the almost 100 books I read this year, were the absolute best!!

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and that I loved a TON of books! These are just the top 10 that stick out the most in my mind! Check them out and do some #1clicking! This is the perfect time of year to snuggle up with some new reads!

~Love, Sarah R.


First, let me tell you about a few of my TOP 10-20 READS, that while they didn’t make it to the Top 10, are still absolute favorites of mine and highly recommended!

#20: Heat by JM Walker
-This is the first book in the series and it is currently only $0.99! I absolutely loved how taboo these characters are and the connection between them. The best part of the entire series is the Epilogue! It will make you crazy for the next book in the series, coming soon, called Edge! 
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#19: The Cover Series by Kim Black
-This series is so conflicting and sweet. You love and hate every character at some point throughout the series, which is a testament to the skill of the author!  The entire box set is currently FREE for only another day or two, so grab it now!
Purchase The Cover Series Box Set Here ➛ Box Set


#18: The Intern Serials by Brooke Cumberland
-The box set with all 4 books in it is now available, but you can also get the first book is only $0.99!  This romantic suspense series is fun, hot, and sweet! It’s a coming of age story and a woman doing her best to figure out who she is and where she came from. It’s absolutely addicting!
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#17: Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss
-Currently only $0.99! This book is amazing for two reasons: City and Suzy! These characters are amazingly beautiful and different, and really make the entire book. This book introduced me to MC reads and I love it now!
Purchase Throttle Me Here  Amazon


#16: Intercepting Love by LP Dover
-Currently only $0.99! This book is light hearted and an easy read, even though it has some dark moments to it. It’s realistic and sweet. It’s something you can identify with and characters that you want to root for! It’s an absolutely fantastic read!
Purchase Intercepting Love Here  Amazon


#15: Destroyed by Pepper Winters
-This is a standalone and quite different than her Monsters in the Dark series. I think the addition of a child is what really sold this book to me. It brought heart into it, and boy was this book tangled! The characters are both SO flawed, which is what makes it amazing. I really can’t say enough about this book, it’s just amazing!
Purchase Destroyed Here  Amazon


#14: Briarcrest Academy Series by Ilsa Madden-Mills
– I couldn’t pick one book from this series, although I am absolutely a Cuba/Dovey #1 fan. These books are cute, sweet, funny, and heat-warming. They won’t break your heart or rip you to pieces, but instead they will pick you up and remind you how beautiful love can be.
Purchase Them Here Very Bad Things | Very Wicked Beginnings | Very Wicked Things

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 #13: Black Box by Cassia Leo
-While this book irked me in quite a few ways, I also did love the story. It’s unique and heart breaking, a tale of love conquering brokenness. 

Purchase Black Box Here  Amazon


#12: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
-Dark, twisted, and a curve ball that I didn’t see coming! I love this book mainly because the end pisses me off so much! And yet, there is no other ending I would want for it. It’s perfect!
Purchase Gone Girl Here ➛ Amazon


#11: Monsters in the Dark Series by Pepper Winters
-Tears of Tess, Quintessentially Q, and Twisted Together is an extremely dark trilogy, but it is FABULOUS! The writing is superb and the plot is gut wrenching. You really get to know these characters and fall in love with them! 
Purchase Them Here  Tears of Tess | Quintessentially Q | Twisted Together 91f70ABxhfL._SL1500_ 712doGWgVDL._SL1500_ 81V8zy+rejL._SL1500_


✩★✩★ Now time for the TOP 10 READS of 2014! ★✩★✩

#10: Flirts! by Lisa Scott
-This is a collection of short stories between 8,000-12,000 words each. I read one each night until the book was over and absolutely loved it! They are cute and sweet, but unique, plus they all are connected to each other even though they are all standalone stories. There are more Flirts! collections which I plan to read with other themes as well. The thing I loved most about these which made them part of my Top 10 was that while they are short stories, they are complete and give you full connections to each character. That is an extremely hard thing to pull off in so few words and the author is clearly fantastic to have made that happen! 
Purchase Flirts! Here ➛  Amazon | My Review


#9: Translucent by Erin Noelle
-This book will mess with your mind! I need the rest of this series asap, I’m dying to find out the rest! The prologue is really what drew me in, but even more than that is the great and detailed portrayal of PTSD in a woman. It’s a beautiful and touching novel, and I can’t wait for the rest of the story!
Purchase Translucent Here ➛ Amazon | My Review 


#8: Bang by EK Blair
-Talk about a mind trip! This book is completely crazy and intriguing! You will need to reread it a few times for sure to capture every detail. Echo, the next book, is coming soon and I’m dying to read it! The end of Bang is INSANE! Cliffy to the extreme! 
Purchase Bang Here  Amazon | My Review


#7: Roomies by Lindy Zart
-This book is HILARIOUS! It’s a bestselling satire, the sarcasm is off the walls! The plot itself isn’t out of the ordinary, but the way that it’s executed is. I love these characters and I’m really hoping that we will get to see more of them in the future! This book is also the author’s first on the USA Today Bestseller’s list! 
Purchase Roomies Here ➛ Amazon | My Review 


#6: Ruin Series by Rachel van Dyken
-I couldn’t pick one book out of this series, I had to pick them all! Why? Because the main characters are all so amazing and each book is focused on one of them and their love story. It’s heartwarming and sweet, but with enough difficulties and stressors to keep you on the edge of your seat. These characters are up against wrenching odds, and yet they fight through it due to the bond between each of them. This group of characters are just amazing!
Purchase Them Here  Ruin | Toxic | Fearless | Shame | My Review

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#5: VIP by M. Robinson
-This is the first in a series and it’s mind boggling! I love how absolutely humanizing it makes out of a tough topic. It shows the struggles of embracing your sexuality and discovering your identity. It’s hot and sweet and conflicting all at once. 
Purchase VIP Here ➛ Amazon | My Review


#4: Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury
-This book is the first in a series of stand alones, and it’s amazing! I loved the characters, they are
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#3: Bright Side by Kim Holden
-This book is a MASSIVE ugly cry! You know from the get go that it’s going to rip your heart out and stomp all over it, and yet… you still cry your eyes out! Aside from that, its so well written. Each character is so detailed and beautiful, absolutely touching. It’s also uplifting, all about positivity and living to the fullest. 
Purchase Bright Side Here  Amazon | My Review


#1 & 2: Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn AND You by Caroline Kepnes
– I couldn’t pick between these two for the life of me. They are both my favorite reads of 2014 because of how unique they are in every aspect. The writing, the plot, the characters- it’s all one of a kind. They are the kind of reads that will stick in your mind for years to come!

Purchase You Here  Purchase on Amazon | My Review


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Don’t forget to check out some of my books as well! I might be biased… but I think that they are definitely Top Reads of 2014 😉 

-Tainted Bodies is the first book in the trilogy and it is only $0.99! Grab them now!
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Tainted Bodies Cover Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00029] untainted ecover

-The first book is only $0.99, plus the latest book is a holiday novella and also only $0.99!
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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00015] Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00015] Sand & Snow Ebook Cover

-Coming on January 1st, 2015! But you can preorder it now! Contains the entire trilogy PLUS a bonus never-before-read scene from The Photographer’s past! Check out the series synopsis below!
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Box Set 3D Cover

He takes a picture of every woman he kills.

She takes nothing from anyone.

Kate Jackson is a woman haunted by her past with no direction in life, and surviving only on her close relationship with her sister, Annie. Until she meets charming lawyer, Derrick Kane. Despite having a painful past of his own, he gives Kate everything she could have ever wanted in a lover.

Just when she thinks she might have found the key to learning how to live again, maybe even how to love, The Photographer rips it all away from her with one click of his camera.

Somehow she survived, determined to rise above the trauma life has dealt her. Yet, she doesn’t get away that easy, The Photographer isn’t done with her yet.

The infamous serial killer begins dropping menacing hints at every turn.

Reminding Kate that he owns her. That he broke her body.

The small, quiet life that Kate had built for herself with Derrick is over. Pulverized by the twisted workings of the notorious serial killer and the agony of being betrayed by the one man she had trusted her heart to. Trust had never come easily to her, yet she had given it to Derrick. And he destroyed her with it.

Kate is a fighter and refusing to allow a sadistic killer to take everything from her yet again, she delves into the police investigation targeting The Photographer and finally revealing his true identity. Kate is fighting for justice while fighting to reclaim the man she loves, and somehow learn to trust him again.

But when an innocent life is on the line, the cost of justice could be more than love can afford. Kate quickly learns that finding the face behind the mask, doesn’t make you safe.

Monsters are only uglier in the light of day.

**Please note that there is no cliffhanger at the end of this series and everything is fully wrapped up. This box set also includes a never before read, deleted scene about The Photographer’s childhood.

DISCLAIMER: Due to violent and dark subject matter, this story is intended for readers over the age of 18 years old. Those with triggers for sexual abuse or violence should take care of themselves while reading this book. Please note that scenes around that topic are done for a purpose and handled delicately, they are not just included for some thrill or cheap aspect.