The Photographer Trilogy, Boxed Set

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Series: The Photographer Trilogy #4
Release Date: November 10, 2014



The highly praised Top 10 Bestselling romantic suspense series, The Photographer Trilogy, reveals the dirty truths behind humanity that no one wants to face. This unique story is the gripping tale of one woman’s journey to rock bottom and the serial killer who dragged her there.

A woman haunted by her past, Kate Jackson was listlessly floating through life until she meets charming lawyer and playboy, Derrick Kane. Just when she thinks she might have found the key to learning how to live again, learning how to love…infamous serial killer, The Photographer, rips it all away with one click of his camera.

But Kate is a fighter and refuses to allow a sadistic killer to take everything from her yet again. She delves into the police investigation targeting The Photographer to finally reveal his true identity, but Kate quickly learns that finding the face behind the mask doesn’t always make you safe.

Every dirty secret from the past comes to light, and she finds herself faced with the ultimate test of true love…and true heartbreak. When an innocent life is on the line, the cost of justice could be more than love can afford.

Not everyone makes it to the end of their love story.

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"Do yourself a favor and read this trilogy--you won't be able to put it down!"
- Sassy Lit Chic Reviews

"This series a psychological thriller. It has its sexy parts, but it also has a dark side. If you have ever watched Criminal Minds, you are going to love this series."
- Reading in Black & White Book Blog

"This series is a dark and heavy read that I could not bring myself to put down. Romance, past traumas, sisterhood, secrets, betrayals, and a horrific crime--it doesn't seem like it would all fit together into one book, but it does seamlessly."
- Love Affair With Fiction

"The Photographer Trilogy books are one of those series you just have to read. Kate tells us her story of survival, empowerment, falling in love, and loss."
- KCB Reviews

"Great series! The books get better & better with each one!"
- Through the Booking Glass Book Blog

"There are twist and turns that will pull you in and have you gripping your [e-reader/book]! Great suspense, pain, love, hurt, betrayal, mystery, and heartbreak in every book!"
- Indies Steal Our Hearts Book Blog


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