Tainted Pictures

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Series: The Photographer Trilogy #2
Release Date: April 18, 2014
Pages: 198
ISBN13: 978-1497433847



The second installment of the bestselling romantic suspense series, The Photographer Trilogy, returns and The Photographer is back with Kate in his crosshairs…will she find out who he is in time to save the one person who matters most?

The small, quiet life Kate Jackson had built for herself is over. The Photographer is back, haunting her at every turn with his menacing hints, reminding her that he owns her. Her romance with Derrick Kane is in shreds, their trust destroyed. Everything she’d ever worked for is crumbling through her fingers.

But Kate is a fighter and refuses to allow a sadistic killer to take everything from her yet again. She delves into the police investigation targeting The Photographer to finally reveal his true identity, but Kate quickly learns that finding the face behind the mask doesn’t always make you safe.

Monsters are only uglier in the light of day.

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"One of the true gifts in this book is being able to see the story from several different viewpoints. [Kate & Derrick's] chemistry is just undeniable--sparks fly, as do clothes!"
- Love Affair with Fiction Book Blog

"I am utterly speechless; I have chills after finishing this book."
- Everything Marie

"Derrick is the kind of man every woman wants!"
- Author Groupies Book Blog

"Tainted Pictures is the perfect blend of a crime thriller and a romance novel, it definitely has the best of both worlds! The romance aspect of the novel is perfectly intertwined with the crime. This novel is very suspenseful, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat waiting to find out who the killer is and following the clues along with the detectives. The Photographer is the stuff nightmares are made of ... "
- Summer's Book Blog

"The first book had a lot leading up to the main conflict, then it happening, and dealing with the effects of it afterwards. This book, however, really focused on the case which meant that you were constantly on the edge of your seat."
- Prisoners of Print Book Blog


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