Tainted Bodies

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Series: The Photographer Trilogy #1
Release Date: January 3, 2014
Pages: 260
ISBN13: 978-1494834180



Debut romance author, Sarah Robinson, arrives with her first book in a new romantic suspense series, The Photographer Trilogy, sure to keep fans of thrillers and romance on the edge of their seats.

A woman haunted by her past, Kate Jackson was listlessly floating through life until she meets charming lawyer and playboy, Derrick Kane. Just when she thinks she might have found the key to learning how to live again, learning how to love…The Photographer rips it all away with one click of his camera.

He takes a picture of every woman he kills. A little memento of his favorite moments. The infamous serial killer is on the attack, but little did Kate know that death could be the one thing to bring her back to life.

Or that The Photographer is just beginning…

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"Flawless writing, well developed characters and a plot line you will devour all combine into making this one fantastic read. A must read for all who love crime mystery romances heck for all who love romance novels period."
- Summer's Book Blog

"This is unlike any story I have EVER read!"
- Butterflies, Books, and Dreams Book Blog

"This is a thriller romance at its finest."
- Worth the Read Book Blog

"It will make your skin crawl and you will be dying to get your hands on the next book in the series."
- Everything Marie Book Blog

"There is a dynamic darkness about this book that keeps the pages turning. Kate had endured so much, you just can't help but want happiness to find her... but those are the things of fairytales, and this book is no fairytale."
- Penny for My Thoughts Book Blog


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