11 Books Sold to Random House! What in the world?

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I know, I know… I’m so late on announcing this! Most of my closest friends and family already know, but¬†as of two days ago, all the final papers were signed, so it’s time to shout it from the roof tops! So please share this post everywhere and anywhere! ūüôā

Penguin Random House, one of the top publishers in the entire world,¬†has acquired ELEVEN (11) books from me. Yes, you heard that right- ELEVEN!!! Last year, PRH¬†purchased 3 of my books on proposal, the first 3¬†novels in the Kavanagh Legends series (more about that below). Now weeks before the first of those 3¬†has even been¬†published (a truly humbling sign of their faith in me), they’ve purchased 8 more. 8+3= 11, or at least I hope it does or this will have been very embarrassing.

**cue the champagne cork popping and kazoos!**


So what does this mean?

This means that I will be continuously publishing 2-3 books a year with Penguin Random House for the next several years. I will¬†possibly continue self-publishing when I have the time, and I also have a something else in the works that I’m not ready to talk about yet. So basically, you’re going to see a lot of me. I’m here to stay!


So what will we be reading first?

Kavanagh Legends will officially be a full series, meaning you will get all 6 stories from each of the Kavanagh siblings. A tight knit Irish family of MMA fighters, these alpha males will steal your heart with their blistering hot stories. They can all be read as standalones, but also work nicely together. The first, BREAKING A LEGEND, goes live in TWO WEEKS on September 29th, 2015 and is Rory Kavanagh’s story!¬†The second, SAVING A LEGEND, will be coming in March 2016 and is Kieran Kavanagh’s story. You won’t meet Kieran in Book 1, because he’s in jail…. so there’s that. But don’t worry, he finally gets released in the beginning of Book 2 and his story will SO be worth it- believe me! Don’t forget to preorder both today and add them on Goodreads!

After Rory and Kieran’s books will come Kieran’s twin, Kane Kavanagh, the up and coming mixed martial arts fighter who the entire Kavanagh family¬†is helping¬†to become one of the best. Then it’s Quinn’s turn to tell his tatted and pierced tale, before the youngest brother and NYPD officer, Jimmy Kavanagh, shows he has a law breaking side to him after all. Lastly, their cousin Casey (who has lived with them since she was 4) will get her own story¬†with an in depth look at the Kavanagh family’s ties to the Irish mafia.

Each and every one of these books will be exciting, hot, and a gripping read!¬†Stalk my Goodreads¬†to make sure you don’t miss these and/or¬†subscribe to my newsletter!


So what’s next after the Kavanagh’s?

In between Kavanagh releases, you’ll be getting a separate standalone with some crossover characters, tentatively titled¬†KIDNAPPED for Fall 2016. This will also have characters leading into the new series, HIDDEN HEAT that has¬†a tentative release date of Fall 2017.

This scorching new series surrounds a special tactical squad of the NYPD officers whose sole mission is to complete undercover operations- and they never lose. These bonded brethren of alpha males are dangerous and dynamic, everything from bikers to bodyguards to tattoo artists- they’ve got it all. Stalk my Goodreads to make sure you don’t miss these and/or subscribe to my newsletter!


So what is after the Hidden Heat series?

World domination. And wine. There’s always wine.


So what can I do to help toward your goal of world domination?

Share this news everywhere! AND preorder BREAKING A LEGEND today and share about it everywhere! It comes out in two weeks and I need YOU to help me spread the word! Between now and release, let’s flood social media with this HOT as HECK cover! See the purchase links below!

Love you all! Hugs!
Sarah Robinson

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