15K & Giveaways! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner… okay no chicken, but winners!



So, as some of you may know, my Facebook page hit 15,000 likes last week and I was (and am) over the moon about it. I’m so honored and touched that so many readers have found comfort and joy in my writing, and take the time to follow me on social media. I also hit 2,000 followers on Instagram which is my favorite social media platform of all time (where else can I just post pictures of my crazy dogs and my books all day? oh, everywhere else? well, I still like Instagram the best). I might consider doing a giveaway for that next week or something after I’ve relaxed a bit from all this.

Anyways, I celebrated this terrific 15k milestone by hosting 12 different authors on my page over the weekend for a giveaway each, plus one grand prize giveaway from me. Overall, we had over 20,000 people reached and 6,974 entries into the giveaways…. outstanding! Thank you again for being so sweet and supportive, I could never fully express how grateful I am to each and every one of you.


Below is the list of giveaway winners, and if you see your name on that list, CONGRATULATIONS! The next thing you’ll need to do is email my PA, Holly, at sarahrobinson.pa@gmail.com with your information so that we can get your prize to you. The downside is that on Wednesday night by 9pm EST (48hrs from now), if I haven’t heard from a winner, we’ll repick a new winner to get that prize. That new winner will be announced on this same post here, I’ll just edit it to change the name.

Breaking a Legend Square Teaser Preorder

Thank you so much for participating in my 15,000 likes giveaways and I hope I’ll see you all again soon when BREAKING A LEGEND goes live in less than 1.5 months on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, and yes, you can preorder it ahead of time! Sales pitch over! 🙂
Now on to the winners!!



Prizes Winners
GRAND PRIZE: Loveswept mug, The Photographer Trilogy by Sarah Robinson in signed paperbacks (3 books total), a $15 Giftcard to the book retailer of your choice, and a Sylvia Day audio book.Grand prize Giveaway 15k  Vickie Griffin Carter
Giveaways Winners
$25 Amazon Giftcard from Rachel Van Dyken 1.Michellee Vedder
5 Amazon Ebooks of Choice by Kelly Elliott 2. Susan Lee Stump, Sarah Sherman, Niki Driscoll, Doreen J. Foucault, and Kat Relim
“Touch and Go” by Mira Lynn Kelly ebook & $5 Amazon Giftcard 3. Esther Gerdzen
“Worth the Fall” by Claudia Conner ebook 4.Wanda Mayhue
ARC of “Doing it For Love” by Cassie Mae 5.Diana Doan
Signed Paperback of “Wicked Falls” by Sawyer Bennett 6.Amanda Presley Anderson
“On My Knees” by J. Kenner ebook from publisher 7.Maria Theresa Santos
“Exposed” by Tracy Wolff ebook from publisher 8.Kimberly Anne
Signed Paperback of “Rescuing the Bad Boy” by Jessica Lemmon plus swag 9.Jennifer Ware
Stiletto Series Books 1-4 by Lauren Layne in ebooks 10.Louisa Fae Dent
$25 Amazon Giftcard from Lauren Hawkeye 11.Alice Curry
Signed Paperback of “Fair Game” by Monica Murphy 12.Ashley Jasper
 DISCLAIMER FOR ALL PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS: Facebook is not responsible for any giveaways. Giveaway prizes are the responsibility of the author only. All mailed items, like paperbacks, are for US distribution only. Unless specified otherwise, all ebooks are kindle only. Winners are picked using random.org. Winners have 48hrs after winner announcement to claim their prize or new winners will be picked. New winners will have the same 48hrs before another re-pick. Winners must email Holly, Sarah’s PA, at sarahrobinson.pa@gmail.com to claim their prize. Failure to follow these instructions could result in forfeiting prize. All prizes are as is and there are no substitutions. All winners are asked to be respectful to each author when being contacted about prizes. If you’re unkind to the authors, you might forfeit your prize.  As everyone has different schedules, please give up to 4 weeks after announcement to receive your prize if it’s being mailed. If it’s electronic, please give authors 2 weeks. After that point, if you still haven’t received it, please email sarahrobinson.pa@gmail.com to check on the status of the prize. Must have working email to be able to collect prize. 


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