Baby Bank

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Series: Queerly Devoted: Queer Romantic Comedies #1
Release Date: September 19, 2023
Contributors: Sarah Robinson
Pages: 325
ISBN13: 9798223246879


* An Apple Books Top Romance for Pride Month*

"A delightfully witty sapphic romance that is deeper than I had anticipated and these emotions underlie the humor and sarcasm used to tell the story." - The Lesbian Review

"A Washington, D.C.–based pansexual attorney and fledgling comedian decides to impregnate herself in this romantic comedy...a chaotic protagonist drives a funny, flawed romance!" - Kirkus Reviews

"Oh baby, this romance is a queer delight! Fun and funny, Robinson's writing will have you begging for more." - Haley Neil, author of f/f romance Planning Perfect

"This is the first in a new series of stand alone lesbian books. I will be ready to read what ever the author writes next." - Goodreads Review

"This book is all about female empowerment and choosing the family you want!" - NetGalley Review


Mila Torres is a successful divorce lawyer by day, stand-up comedian by night and by all accounts--except her mother's--living a bisexual elder millennial's dream life in Washington, DC. That is until she realizes she's only a year away from hitting the ripe old age of thirty-five and her doctor suggests at her annual pap smear that maybe she should consider freezing her eggs if she wants kids in the future. Except, she doesn't want a child in the far future...she wants a child right now.

This poses a bit of a problem since she's ten swipes past single and living Golden Girls style with two of her best friends who work on Capitol Hill and one ornery old cat. That is, until she hears a story from a friend about a free sperm bank online app called Baby Bank. A few margaritas later and Mila has swiped on over fifty sperm donors until she finds the perfect match--handsome, successful, brilliant, everything you'd want your sperm to be.

Now she's meeting him at a hotel--along with two of her best friends for back up--to complete the process. All should have gone smoothly, except when she learns that her sperm donor is the brother of the reporter that Mila has been dodging for months, and that while she originally only wanted this man's baby, she actually wants his sister, too.

In a comedic story of LGBTQIA+ romance and millennial specific drama, Mila finds that motherhood and dating are not compatible when you keep it all in the family and that the modern elder millennial maybe can't have it all.

Coming to ebook, audiobook, and paperback!

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I turned to face the voice calling out to me from the front entrance of Bar Moxy.
Ari Elliot was standing in the doorway, her brows furrowed. She walked toward me with a hesitancy that made my heart sink into my stomach as if I’d done something wrong. It’s like she caught me, and I was suddenly a deer in headlights and completely unsure if I was okay with being run over. Spoiler alert: I was.
“This is unexpected. What are you doing here?” she asked when she reached me.
It didn’t sound like an accusation, but I still took a step back as if it was. Rachel elbowed me, probably to get me out of my silent stupor.
“Uh…” I was not prepared with a response to that question, but my lawyer mode turned on for emotional distance and self-preservation. “Well, what are you doing here?”
The corners of her lips turned upward and the tenseness I’d felt in her approach seemed to ease…but only barely. “They make a really great Moxy Mule here. Want one?”
Rachel turned away from Ari and whispered in my ear. “Get it, girl. Go, go, go!” Say no. Absolutely say no. My inner voice got shoved into a back closet and completely ignored, but the esquire label on my business card was desperately trying to remind me of the stakes. I surveyed the room for a moment, but I didn’t see anyone I recognized. Safe enough, right? There was only one security camera in the corner, and if I kept my head down, I was pretty sure I’d be unrecognizable on it.
“I could try one,” I replied.

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