The view from our hotel in Reykjavik on the first morning!

I’m in love with Reykjavik…

In mid-November, the husband and I got to spend 5 days in Reykjavik, Iceland for our long overdue honeymoon/pre-baby bucket list! I’m not going to go on and on about it too much, but give you guys a quick rundown of what we did, plus some pictures!

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Iceland donuts! They were filled with a maple syrup/apple type thing. No idea what!


Three Favorite Sights:
1) Thingvellir National Park: a historic park where you can also see the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Such an incredible place to walk around, take pictures, and hike around the volcanic rock!
2) Blue Lagoon: a beautiful mineral hot springs and spa where you can swim, drink, and get mud masks while floating in the mineral rich, hot springs! Incredible relaxing and luxurious and everyone needs to do this!
3) Geysir: some of the world’s largest natural geysers are here, and you can see them explode every few minutes! It’s so powerful, and I’ve never seen anything like it!

Thingvellir National Park

Blue Lagoon Mineral Hot Springs!

Geysir (geysers!)


Three Firsts:
1) I ate a lot of strange things on this trip. When in Iceland, you know? Anytime I travel, I’m determined to try the local cuisine and put myself out of my comfort zone. Well…I did that. *squirms* We ate horse, reindeer, puffin, whale, etc. Honestly, it was all pretty tasty, but mentally, I died a little (haha!).
2) This was our very first time across the Atlantic, and the difference of styles and architecture–even the hotel rooms–was so interesting! I actually was obsessed with our little European style room!
3) We saw the Northern Lights! If you’re wondering why this isn’t listed on my favorites, it’s because we didn’t get the best views because of the cloud coverage while we were there. However, we still had the chance to see a good bit (even though it didn’t show up on my iPhone camera), and it truly was incredible!

Fin Whale and Puffin

Icelandic Horse (also called Mountain Beef!)

How cute was our hotel room at Reykjavik Lights?


Three Memories:
1) Gullfoss Waterfall: literally the “golden waterfall”, this was an incredible natural beauty! It was multiple waterfalls, so loud and powerful! Despite the fact that I was freezing, this was one of the most beautiful memories I’ll have from the trip.
2) Pre-bursting geysers: there’s a moment right before the geysers erupt that this bright blue bubble appears over the surface of the hot spring and it’s incredible. My camera doesn’t even do it justice to what it looked like in real life. It was one of the most fascinating phenomenon’s I’ve ever seen!
3) The Countryside: We drove over twenty hours total through Iceland’s countryside to get to all the different attractions and cool sights, and because of that, we saw massively beautiful things on our way. Huge mountains of volcanic rock, wild Icelandic horses (very unique creatures!), random hot springs, geothermal hotspots where the ground steamed, beautiful small forests, miles and miles of snow and ice covered grounds…it was sprawling and incredible. Just driving through this country was one of the most beautiful parts of the whole trip.

Gullfoss Waterfall

Geysir about to burst

Driving through Iceland…


Three Recommendations: 
1) If you go to Iceland, stay at the Reykjavik Lights hotel.
2) Use Gray Line Iceland tours to see the amazing sights and get around the island. Definitely do the Golden Circle tour, plus Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon.
3) Visit Islenski Barinn for some incredibly exotic local cuisine, like puffin and reindeer.

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