It’s always a sobering and awe-inspiring moment for me when I look back and see how all the puzzle pieces fell in just such a way to create our lives how they were always meant to be.

It’s no secret that New Year’s Day is a tough anniversary for me. I’ve been open about why on my blog (here and here and here). Today is seven years since the day I was raped, and the first year that I’ve actually dealt with it head on.

Healing only happens with time, but it also happens in a moment. It’s all the little guard rails that push us back onto our course and keep us centered. It’s the fated people and places that point us to where we needed to go.

This weekend, I’m in Vermont staying at an AirBnb that I randomly chose off their website. It was the cheapest option, looked safe, and so I booked it. Upon arriving, I realized that the woman who owns the home I’m renting a room in is everything I’ve ever needed, and everything I wasn’t ready for until right now.

She’s a therapist, and a writer. Just like me.
She’s an animal lover, and a spiritual soul. Just like me.
She’s quiet and introverted, but loving and inviting. Just like me.
She’s recovering and healing from her own New Year’s Day assault…just like me.

The coincidence is shocking, but also…not. Life is magical like that. It puts the perfect people in front of you that you needed in that moment. She healed a vital piece of me in the moment our confessions melted together and we recognized a shared brokenness.

In that single instant, I felt a mend.
Small, but substantial.

We spent the weekend together, facing our same demon together, burning effigies and writing confessions and sorrows on scraps of paper to toss into the ash at midnight on New Year’s Eve. We had dinner and talked for hours and it feels like I’ve always known her, because maybe in a way, I have.

I was always meant to meet her. She was always meant to meet me. We were always meant to mend a tiny piece of the other.

Tomorrow, I leave for Canada and I already feel more spiritually full and happy than I’ve felt in years. This trip has barely started, and yet, I never want it to end.

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  1. Anna Wafe on January 6, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    This is a fantastic resolution to have for 2017! I’m still figuring out mine, but I love your post. It really made me emotional, and I have to say, you’re so strong.

  2. Melanie Adkins on December 29, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    Perhaps in time you will be able to view NYE as the day you took your life back. The day you decided your rapist WILL NOT get any more of your power. It’s never easy. I know. I’ve been raped three times in my life. It’s still painful to think about each event, but I finally realized they were not going to hold me hostage any longer. I was stronger than them.
    Sending healing hugs and tons of love,

    • Sarah Robinson on January 21, 2018 at 1:18 pm

      I’m so sorry you’ve been through something similar to me. I think you’re so strong to talk about it! Thinking of you! <3

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